Chiropractic is a philosophy of health care that concentrates on helping the body function the way it was designed

Chiropractic Beginnings

Chiropractic is a philosophy of health care that concentrates on helping the body function the way it was designed. What do I mean by that? Consider how many times in your life you had to REMIND your body to breathe, pump blood, or digest food. These are functions of life that happen automatically. Chiropractic is the largest natural method of health-care in the world. It focuses on treating the cause of the physical condition, rather than just the symptoms. It is based upon a very powerful premise: that problems with the structure of the body – particularly the spine – can cause problems with the function of your body – especially within the nervous system. [The spinal cord, the main pathway of your nervous system, is located in a canal within the bones of the spine. The bones of your spine have 2 very important jobs one keeping you upright and two housing and protecting the spinal cord.] The main pathway of your nervous system, it communicates all information from the brain to the rest of the body. All of your movements, feelings and functions are controlled by this system. Therefore, a problem in the spine can adversely affect the spinal nerves as they come off the spinal cord. One common problem is a subluxation or misalignment of the bones in your spine. Subluxations can lead to many disorders including low back and neck pain, headache, shoulder pain, numbness of the extremities, sciatica, and many other problems. These conditions result from an irritation or “pinching” of the nerves as they exit the spine and go to other parts of the body.

The primary treatment that separates chiropractic from other professions is the chiropractic adjustment. An adjustment is a specific movement applied to a joint to restore proper motion and function and eliminate nerve irritation. Once the spine is restored to proper function your body can better heal itself.

Adjustments are safe and very effective in the hands of a qualified chiropractor. Dr Joe and the Cornerstone Chiropractic staff works with you to restore your health in a personalized approach to overall wellness – through spinal care, exercise, good nutrition and stress management.

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