Welcome to our office, where you will be greeted with a smile by a member of our staff. Our hours are Monday thru Friday 9AM – 1PM and 3:30PM – 6:30PM, and alternate Saturdays from 9AM – 11AM.

We offer a number of services which include chiropractic adjustments, Pro-Adjuster adjustments and IDD Therapy for neck and low back pain as well as sciatic pain. IDD Therapy is the state of the art technology in the treatment of herniated, bulging and degenerative discs. With an 86 – 94% success rate, our patients are able to return to their normal activities without pain. Check out how our patients are doing with this treatment on the bulletin board near the entrance of the office.

You will sit in our comfortable waiting area to fill out your paperwork. Feel free to grab some reading material if waiting for a friend or family member. During your initial visit, Dr. Young will perform a spinal scan to illustrate nerve interference, hydration and muscle compensation. If you are suffering from neck or low back pain or if you have numbness or tingling, then you might be a candidate for our IDD Therapy. Click here for more information.

With four adjusting tables, you will not have to wait long to get treated. For patients who cannot tolerate traditional chiropractic adjustments (i.e. osteoporosis, suffering from too much pain, if you do not like the “crack” sound), Pro-Adjuster offers a gentle alternative. By scanning the spine, Pro Adjuster can determine which spinal segments are restricted and use gentle vibratory impulses to restore motion to those segments.

Worried about leaving the kids home? Bring them with you! We have a room just for kids. While you are being treated, they won’t even notice you are gone.

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