Adults aren’t the only ones who can benefit from chiropractic care. By 2007, almost three percent of children were visiting a chiropractor, making a chiropractor for kids the second-most popular form of alternative medical care for children. From newborns to teenagers and everyone in between, a chiropractor for kids can treat a variety of common ailments in a safe and long-lasting manner.

At Cornerstone Chiropractic, we offer specialized treatment provided by a chiropractor for kids that can help set your children on a path of lifelong spinal care. Here are some of the chiropractor benefits for children:

Chiropractor Benefits For Children

Gentle spinal manipulation by chiropractors can address many issues facing children today, including the following:

—Nursing difficulties: If new mothers are having trouble nursing their babies, the issue may stem from incorrect spinal alignment. Treating children in a chiropractic fashion can allow them to better move their necks, which in turn makes it easier for mothers to conduct traditional nursing options.

—Incorrect posture: The first several years of a child’s life are the most important in developing the spine, yet it is very easy to develop bad habits in those years that will contribute to a lifetime of discomfort. Misalignments can result from slouching and poor posture as well as using computers, wearing backpacks and playing sports—all very common parts of a pre-teen’s life! Regular visits with a chiropractor for kids can lead to a better quality of life for children of all ages.

—Asthma: This is another increasingly common health issue for kids, but one that can be addressed by a chiropractor for kids. Correcting a subluxation (a misalignment of bones along the spine) enhances the performance of the nervous system, which in turn controls the diaphragm and lungs and makes breathing far easier.

—Colic: This most omnipresent of infant issues can be treated with spinal manipulation by a chiropractor. One recent study indicated that babies treated by a chiropractor enjoyed a 67 percent drop in crying while those who were treated with anti-gas medication experienced a 38 percent drop in crying.

Chiropractor benefits for children are an essential part of treatment at Cornerstone Chiropractic & Rehabilitation of Riverdale.  Chiropractic services are available, as well as a fully staffed physical therapy clinic.

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