Just about everybody wants to hang on to his or her athletic glory days by participating in sports well into their 30s, 40s, 50s and even 60s. Alas, it doesn’t take long to learn that the body grows more vulnerable with each passing year, and what might have been a minor ache or pain back in high school can be a long-lasting or even debilitating ailment once middle age hits.

For those of us in a certain age bracket, routine sports physical therapy doesn’t always work. If that’s the case for you, visit Cornerstone Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, where we are eager to show you how chiropractic treatment has revolutionized sports physical therapy. We’ll help you get back out on the road, court or field as soon as possible!

Whether you’re suffering from routine ailments such as knee joint pain and the sore arms that come from playing tennis, baseball and basketball—or unique and chronic injuries to the back and neck, our expert team of medical professionals is ready to provide you the type of chiropractic treatment that will not only make you feel better immediately but allow you to play your favorite sports with minimal interruption going forward. Not only do we treat the existing problem, we look to establish the cause of it and provide patients with helpful exercises and treatments that will allow them to prevent future flare-ups and perform at the level to which they are accustomed.

Sports physical therapy is much more advanced than just a generation ago, and nobody is more in tune with the changes than chiropractors, who recognize that so many of the problematic issues facing adult athletes are neuromusculoskeletal-related and will not show up in a quick, routine examination at the office of a traditional family doctor.

Chiropractic treatment is essential to remaining “in play” for athletes of all ages—embrace it today at Cornerstone Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, where we specialize in providing the best northern NJ sports physical therapy and chiropractic services. Call us today at (973) 831-1100 or email us at info@cornerstonespine.com for more information on our sports physical therapy program and how you can get your FREE consultation with Dr. Joseph Young!

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