Angelica Soler

As soon as you enter you’re greeted with genuine smiles and fruit infused water. The staff here is wonderful and make everything as easy and comfortable as possible. Before every adjustment I get a mini massage to start and then I get adjusted. Not even a month in and I can already feel the difference in my back and am able to play with my 2 young kids longer periods of time. They have the latest in technology as well which is super comforting to know they’re staying at the top of their field.

Jane M

Very professional. Laser treatment from Dr. Rob helped relieve pain & stiffness in my feet from neuropathy. Dr. Rob is very knowledgeable & spends time with you to explain your condition & treatment he recommends.Thank you!

Office staff is very friendly & helpful.

Office is very clean.

Highly recommend.


Sandra D

Cornerstone chiropractic is great

Margaret B

Excellent. Staff was cheerful and welcoming. Explained everything in detail and took me on a tour of the facility. Dr. rob took a lot of time talking to me and completing the exam.

Denise L

my experience was amazing, everyone is soo very caring and nice

Christine B

Dr. Joe, took his time with me and was able to diagnose my extreme pain and relieved it accordingly.

Carl Sgro

The only reason I am giving 5 stars is because Google won’t accept 10 stars. Staff is friendly and helpful . Great technique by Dr Joe Young who needed to by Mighty Joe Young to handle my frame. Great experience so far, thank you much. Finally some relief from neck pain.

Jane M

Very helpful and professional.


Today is my final physical therapy appointment. So, I thought this was the appropriate time to express my appreciation for all you have done for me. I cannot believe the change in my life sine I’m not in terrible pain. I was in pain every day for 3 years with my 2 herniated discs. After being on IDD therapy and physical therapy for 6 weeks. My life is just back to normal.

I decided to make the commitment 6 weeks ago and it was definitely worth it! It’s not easy setting aside an hour to an hour and a half every day after working all day, but it was a commitment my family and I made knowing this would make me well again. Everyone survived and I was sad, as you know to be off the IDD.

You and Cesar have done wonders with me and I don’t know how to express my appreciation except by saying “Thank You”.
You and your staff are awesome!

Nathan W

Cornerstone Chiropractic & Rehabilitation is a clean, friendly establishment. As soon as I walked I was greeted with warm smiles. Dr. Rob was very understanding to my situation and explained everything to me. Most importantly, my adjustment has me feeling like new man.

Patrick G

It really helped my lower back pain and was a great environment to spend time in.
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